From oversize paintings to wild wall sculptures, there’s an endless number of ways to accentuate your walls while bringing life into the home.

Showcasing Fashion Wall Art has become increasingly popular and while walls are often an oversight when starting out the initial phase in interior decorating, the addition of Fashion Wall Art can be nothing short of dazzling.



With extensive choices in designs with iconic brand names including Chanel, Gucci and Vogue, these art pieces can introduce a certain panache and style in a way that other artwork simply cannot.  The iconic fashion brand names such as “Vogue” are revered, respected and seen as the epitome of what it means to have style, and when combining these brands with clever artistic designs the result can be truly fabulous.

If you're ready to turn those stark, bare walls into stylish centerpieces, keep reading. No matter your style, we've got the tricks that can amp up your walls and bring out your personality and taste. 


Trust your instincts, no one knows your home like you do! When you find an art piece that you absolutely love then go for it!

If a piece of art captivates you, if it stops you in your tracks then don't be overly concerned about matching the art with your existing decor. With art you can be eclectic, even traditional rooms can look fabulous with modern Fashion Art, however, that being said, if your art can work with your existing decor then great! 

See below an example of an artwork where the jute rug and mustard/gold cushions beautifully compliment the gold contained within the Gucci Fashion Art. 

Fashion Prints | Attica


When choosing art for your home, it's important to remember that bigger is better! Seeing your chosen artwork in all its glory and seeing it larger than life, this will bring more enjoyment for you while ensuring your guests are absolutely spellbound. 

Bigger is better and give thought to your ceiling height, know that tall walls work well with art having a vertical orientation. Art over a sofa more often than not, work well with a landscape orientation and over a small console table or mantlepiece a large square orientation will work wonders. 



Fashion Art with a monochrome colour palette such as "black and white" works well as it captures the time period of years gone by. The iconic nature of the fashion brand name acquires a timeless nature in black & white or brown & white design format. 

When choosing Fashion Art with colour, consider the existing colours within your home and choose an artwork that compliments the existing colour scheme. Black and white artworks that have just a dollop of one colour are a popular choice with Fashion Art and will suit almost any home interior aesthetic. 

See below an exciting and fun Harpers Bazaar 1930's Fashion Artwork in monochrome. 

Harpers Bazaar Fashion Art | Fashion Prints



Two large Fashion Artworks displayed side-by-side are sure to elicit a response from guests along the lines of "wow". Where high ceilings are present, choosing art with a vertical orientation that are similar in design and yet somewhat different creates a fabulous and often eclectic result. 

A Gallery wall is another option where smaller Fashion Artworks often of different shapes and sizes can combine to create an exciting element of surprise. Gallery walls can work well in a hallway, an entryway or to add an touch of energy to a Home Office! 


When choosing a frame, keep your focus on complimenting the artwork itself and not so much on matching your own home décor. A common mistake is to try and match the frame with existing furniture and decor but remember that art is "art", it can be moved around from room to room and you'll find it rare that the frame is out of place with your home interior aesthetic in anycase! 

Choosing the right frame however for your art is important as the frame can have as much impact as the artwork itself. With Fashion Artwork, choosing a box frame would be an excellent option, and this can be a thin box or thick box frame. If you seek more exciting choice, then try a large hardwood “angled” frame for a dramatic effect.

Remember though, if you are unsure, choose a frame that doesn’t overwhelm the artwork; try a simple white, black or natural box frame; this will produce a sterling result while not taking away from the art piece itself.


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